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Over $322,185 from One Mission funds have been used to date!

  • Complete translation of the Bible into the native language of the Z people in Eastern Asia
  • Launching an Oral Bible Story telling project for three new languages within a people group in Asia.
  • Developing a language learning center in Central Asia as a strategic platform for church planting.
  • Starting pastoral training for Mission of Hope, Haiti.
  • Supporting the CRU East Asian National training conference

Still to Go:

  • Church Planting in Central Asia through business development
  • Accelerate discipleship, training and church planters throughout the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

Your gifts will also support other efforts such as church planting in Central Asia and transportation for missionaries in East Asia

God is doing incredible things through generous and faithful people just like you. Be a part of One Mission, send a gift here or commit today.