One Nation

Nation Updates Color


Christ Together is thriving and expanding – your gifts are making an impact across the nation!

  • Four Regional Directors are now in place and working in their regions (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, West Coast) to connect with cities and pastors and expand the Christ Together vision.
  • Resources including curriculum and video for cities and regions have been developed and are being used by Regional Directors, cities, pastors and leaders to help build the foundation of the vision to reach every man, woman and child.
  • Christ Together has held vision meetings in several cities since One Mission started, including San Antonio, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and West Palm Beach.
  • With strategic leadership and a presence in 42 US cities, the Christ Together Network is spearheading the movement to bring the gospel to 220 million Americans in these cities.

Your gifts will move us further toward our goal of 61 Christ Together cities




Still to Go:

  • Launch a city-reaching movement in 19 more cities with approx. 100 million people to reach the goal of 61 cities.
  • Add a fifth Regional Director to focus on the mid-west

God is doing incredible things through generous and faithful people just like you. Be a part of One Mission, send a gift here or commit today.