Finding Satisfaction in God’s Call

We continuously see ways God is taking our small efforts and turning them into something significant for His glory.

When Danny and April Knox committed to pray to God and ask how they could play a part in One Mission a year ago, they weren’t sure how He would answer. Having attended the Lakeline campus of HCBC since 2001, the Knoxes and their family were deeply connected in several volunteer areas and couldn’t envision leaving their home campus. Then God stirred in Danny’s heart, asking him to consider joining the new Brushy Creek campus launching in just a few months. After several weeks of prayer, April too understood that was where God was calling them. “We realized we could try to control things ourselves, or we could participate in God’s plan and find satisfaction there,” said Danny.

Knox PhotoAs part of the 167 people committed to the launch of the Brushy Creek campus, the Knoxes have been able to step into roles where their services and talents are tremendously needed. Danny helps with lighting and tech each Sunday, and April greets in the welcome center, both of them helping set up and tear down long before the services start and well after they have ended. Living in the Stone Canyon area near Brushy Creek, the Knoxes have taken on a new ownership of where they live, leading a small group together in their neighborhood. April helps lead over 52 local women in the Gracepath study at the Brushy Creek Commons each week. “Every time you serve, it’s an opportunity to grow closer to God,” the couple said.

Their daughter, Sarah, is flourishing now in a smaller High School Ministry setting. “She has bonded with the Student Pastors and is thriving in a smaller setting,” said April. Sarah is surrounded in her student small group by classmates at Round Rock High School, and her parents have seen her “step up in mighty ways to lead in the Brushy Creek High School Ministry” more than ever before in a larger crowd.

The Knoxes have found a “tight-knit family” within the new Brushy Creek campus – one “that you can’t find in a larger body.” They followed God’s call through One Mission over a year ago, and they now see God using them, changing them, and growing them daily. In Danny’s words, “ We continuously see ways God is taking our small efforts and turning them into something significant for His glory.”