Connecting to Community

Brooke Wall Photo

Brooke Walls

Brooke Walls tried several large churches in the Austin area after moving here over a decade ago, but finding a connection with any were difficult.

Shortly after the Walls family relocated to the Steiner Ranch area 4 years ago, a neighbor invited Brooke to one of the annual HCBC Women’s Retreats. That weekend, the neighbor convinced Brooke to give the new HCBC Steiner Ranch Campus a try. Since it was close to home and met in the gym where her children attended school, Brooke decided to try it out. 3 years later, the Walls family is experiencing, rich, deep community and life change through their home church at HCBC Steiner Ranch.

“Going to church on Sunday mornings has become routine for our family,” Brooke said. She has started volunteering with children’s worship, and her kids are involved in their age-specific ministries. Brooke and her husband, Mark, both attend men’s and women’s Bible studies at the Steiner Ranch Commons near their home. Because of busy work schedules and distance, the couple would have never been able to make it all the way to the Lakeline campus to engage in such studies.

The family is growing spiritually, and making the commitment to pursue God together has been “abundantly easier” since church is so close. While proximity and convenience made it simpler for the Walls family to get connected to the Steiner Ranch Campus, Brooke says it was really “the sense of community” that has brought them all closer to the Lord and biblical fellowship. “We are all in a community together. We know people, and people really know you,” she said.

The Walls have found their church home in HCBC Steiner Ranch. “We’re not looking for anything else,” said Brooke. “We’re connected in church as a family, and the campus has made it so much better.”