A Year of Trust and Faith

Ocana Photo 2

Ray and Melanie Ocana

When Ray and Melanie Ocana felt called to go above and beyond their regular giving and commit to One Mission last year, they started a year-long journey of spiritual growth and life change.

With their finances invested, the Ocanas decided they needed to invest themselves in ministry as well. “There’s something to be said for putting your money where your mouth is,” Melanie said. “After stepping up to contribute to One Mission’s ideals, we took stock of our spiritual goals.” Through this effort, the couple saw God bless their prayer life, making it “exponentially better,” and both have naturally spent more time in the Word. They have sought more ministry opportunities at Hill Country Bible Church, explaining, “with our finances invested, we’ve become more active in our faith.”

Together, they have tried to adopt an eternal perspective in their everyday lives. “The purpose of One Mission and our church to reach every man, woman, and child with the news of Christ has resonated deeply in our hearts,” they said. The Ocanas own their own business and have taken ownership of their small circle of influence, composed of staff, vendors, customers, and colleagues. “We now actively look for opportunities to find non-believers or people disconnected from their faith,” said Melanie. “We engage in deep conversations. These people see how broken and messy we are, but they also see us lean in on God… Our goal has been to bless others, but the blessing has really been on us.”