One World


Mission: Accelerate the spread of the gospel in strategic areas throughout the world


Even in our connected world, there are still billions of people who have never heard about Jesus Christ. HCBC is committed to making Jesus known and the gospel accessible in strategic areas across the globe.

Your gifts to One Mission have allowed us to…

  • Train and send five national missionaries to focus on Muslim people groups.
  • Develop a language learning center in Central Asia as a strategic platform for church planting.
  • Provide transportation and meeting spaces for mission teams in Turkey, as well as a coffeehouse to create a presence in the community.
  • Launch the Oral Bible Storytelling project, training native speakers to share 28 different Bible stories in their native tongue to the ZEE people, encompassing four language groups and two million people.

Your continued investment in One World will . . . Accelerate our existing global efforts and allow us to contribute to new ones:

Central Asia

  • Invest in farming, water wells, and aquaponic projects to support church planting efforts
  • Launch a language/evangelism training center to train missionaries in Turkic languages and prepare them in evangelism
  • Help fund the development of a mobile router evangelism project to aid in street and neighborhood evangelism

East Asia

  • Having completed a translation of the New Testament, we are ready to begin research and development of the next translation project
  • Provide transportation and lodging for missions teams in a remote area
  • Provide funding to develop a national operation center in a major city in East Asia

North Latin America

  • Fund church advancement and leadership development for pastors and church planters


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