One Church


Mission: Make our church accessible to more people

$12 million

Greater Austin is experiencing a population explosion as more people continue to pour into our area every day. The existing number of churches can’t begin to accommodate all of the existing believers, much less the un-churched and new people moving into the city. We can help remove barriers like distance and inconvenience by making our church accessible to those who don’t know Jesus, locating campuses in closer proximity to where people live.

Reaching area high schools is another significant motivator to launch new campuses. Our ability to impact greater numbers of students increases if each church campus can focus on fewer schools, especially high schools.

Since the launch of One Mission, your gifts have allowed us to…

  • Purchase land for a permanent Steiner Ranch campus, building deep roots within the community.
  • Complete the Brushy Creek and Steiner Ranch Commons, providing a weekly meeting space and visible, usable presence within the area.
  • Add a second worship service to both Brushy Creek and Steiner Ranch
  • Add 423 new parking spaces and replace outdated lighting in the Lakeline Worship Center with new, energy-efficient lighting.
  • Find land in Brushy Creek and begin negotiating a purchase for the permanent campus home.


Your continued investment in one church will . . .

  • Establish a gospel presence in more neighborhoods, where church members can more readily invite friends to join them
  • Expand our capacity to reach more students who live close to the church campus
  • Create space for even more new people at the Lakeline Campus, as hundreds will begin attending their local campus
  • Expand the Lakeline Campus to increase Worship Center seating as well as parking, allowing more people to worship with us

Our multi-site expansion includes launching a campus in Brushy Creek in January 2015 and a Leander campus in 2017. Through One Mission, we will:

  • Continue to embed HCBC campuses in strategic communities
  • Fully staff all campuses
  • Provide a campus “commons” for community presence and visibility
  • Fund land purchases