One Church


Mission: Make our church accessible to more people

$12 million

Greater Austin is experiencing a population explosion as more people continue to pour into our area every day. The existing number of churches can’t begin to accommodate all of the existing believers, much less the un-churched and new people moving into the city. We can help remove barriers like distance and inconvenience by making our church accessible to those who don’t know Jesus, locating campuses in closer proximity to where people live.

Reaching area high schools is another significant motivator to launch new campuses. Our ability to impact greater numbers of students increases if each church campus can focus on fewer schools, especially high schools.

Since the launch of One Mission, your gifts have allowed us to…

  • Purchase land for a permanent Steiner Ranch campus, building deep roots within the community.
  • Complete the Brushy Creek and Steiner Ranch Commons, providing a weekly meeting space and visible, usable presence within the area.
  • Add a second worship service to both Brushy Creek and Steiner Ranch
  • Add 423 new parking spaces and replace outdated lighting in the Lakeline Worship Center with new, energy-efficient lighting.
  • Find land in Brushy Creek and begin negotiating a purchase for the permanent campus home.


Your continued investment in one church will . . .

  • Establish a gospel presence in more neighborhoods, where church members can more readily invite friends to join them
  • Expand our capacity to reach more students who live close to the church campus
  • Create space for even more new people at the Lakeline Campus, as hundreds will begin attending their local campus
  • Expand the Lakeline Campus to increase Worship Center seating as well as parking, allowing more people to worship with us

Our multi-site expansion includes launching a campus in Brushy Creek in January 2015 and a Leander campus in 2017. Through One Mission, we will:

  • Continue to embed HCBC campuses in strategic communities
  • Fully staff all campuses
  • Provide a campus “commons” for community presence and visibility
  • Fund land purchases

One City


Mission: Develop new leaders to reach Greater Austin


To accomplish our vision to reach Greater Austin, we need more leaders who are trained to engage our culture and the diverse groups of people who make up our city. The One City aspect of One Mission creates forums for biblical training and discussion.

Your gifts to One Mission have allowed us to…

  • Launch the first semester of the Saturate Austin Institute in September 2015, with 140 students enrolled in a 12-week course studying Bible Study Methods.
  • Launch the second semester of Saturate Austin with over 230 students enrolled, studying Bible Study Methods, Old Testament Survey, and Perspectives


Your continued investment in one city will . . . Open up opportunities for growing the next generation of disciple makers in Great Austin through:

Saturate Austin Institute

A systematic, theological framework for lay people that produces a pipeline of influential leaders and identifies future church planters and missionaries

Saturate Austin Church Planting

A one-year training and coaching program for potential church planters from churches and other organizations in Greater Austin

Hispanic Leadership Institute

A leadership development system that trains lay pastors and bi-vocational pastors in the fastest growing and most under-served population in the city


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One Nation


Mission: Bring the good news of Jesus Christ to 315 million Americans


Christ Together is a growing network of churches in the U.S. that are unifying to consistently demonstrate and communicate the gospel to every man, woman and child in America. By expanding its network to every U.S. city with a population of over 250,000, Christ Together hopes to make this goal a reality.

HCBC has been one of the leading churches in the Christ Together movement since 2011. Pastor Tim serves on the Directional Team of the Christ Together national network.


Your gifts to One Mission have allowed our partner, Christ Together, to…

  • Expand from 29 to 49 major U.S. cities, potentially reaching approximately 64 million Americans with the transformative power of Jesus Christ. The ultimate goal is 61 cities in 2016.
  • Add four regional directors focused on bringing the gospel to the whole nation.
  • Share the vision of Christ Together with hundreds of pastors representing 55 cities from all over the country at the Exponential Conference in April 2016.

Your continued investment in One Nation will . . .

  • Advance the Christ Together vision by expanding regional and city partnerships, increasing the number of Christ Together cities from 29 to 61
  • Resource pastors across the United States with tools that will encourage church collabo­ration, spiritual formation and church planting
  • Solidify existing Christ Together relationships in partner cities by providing on-going coaching for regional and city leaders





One World


Mission: Accelerate the spread of the gospel in strategic areas throughout the world


Even in our connected world, there are still billions of people who have never heard about Jesus Christ. HCBC is committed to making Jesus known and the gospel accessible in strategic areas across the globe.

Your gifts to One Mission have allowed us to…

  • Train and send five national missionaries to focus on Muslim people groups.
  • Develop a language learning center in Central Asia as a strategic platform for church planting.
  • Provide transportation and meeting spaces for mission teams in Turkey, as well as a coffeehouse to create a presence in the community.
  • Launch the Oral Bible Storytelling project, training native speakers to share 28 different Bible stories in their native tongue to the ZEE people, encompassing four language groups and two million people.

Your continued investment in One World will . . . Accelerate our existing global efforts and allow us to contribute to new ones:

Central Asia

  • Invest in farming, water wells, and aquaponic projects to support church planting efforts
  • Launch a language/evangelism training center to train missionaries in Turkic languages and prepare them in evangelism
  • Help fund the development of a mobile router evangelism project to aid in street and neighborhood evangelism

East Asia

  • Having completed a translation of the New Testament, we are ready to begin research and development of the next translation project
  • Provide transportation and lodging for missions teams in a remote area
  • Provide funding to develop a national operation center in a major city in East Asia

North Latin America

  • Fund church advancement and leadership development for pastors and church planters


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